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The Dashboard module allows the MapMint administrator to oversee and control their spatial data infrastructure, with the following utilities:

  • Advanced geospatial analytics
  • WPS, WMS, WFS, WCS and WMTS auto setup
  • Users and groups management
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The Data module lets the MapMint user create data stores from local or remote data sources. Transform and easily prepare your GIS data for the web.

  • +100 GIS data formats supported
  • Convert, reproject, encode and query vector data
  • Convert, reproject and process raster data
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The Maps module is the heart of the MapMint platform. It is a complete graphical user interface for MapServer allowing the users to create mapfiles visually. What you see is what you get.

  • Powerful mapfile-based project manager
  • Advanced layer manager, editor and styler
  • Create base layers from your data
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The Apps module lets the MapMint user configure and publish simple to advanced webmapping applications. No coding required, only good sense !

  • Choose from a collection of modern applications templates
  • Select between 30+ client-side webmapping features
  • Customize your maps look and feel !
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MapMint also comes with a public interface which gathers the map published by the users . They can be public or private and easily shared on the Internet and social networks.

  • Customizable home page and thematic map gallery
  • Generate permalinks, permacodes and more
  • Share maps directly on Twitter and Facebook
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