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Everything is a process.

Process your GIS data online

The power of GDAL/OGR in a set of generic web services.

MapMint provides simple tools to process many kinds of GIS data on the Internet.

Convert, reproject, process and prepare your spatial data for the web in a few cliks with the Data module.

Save your projects as mapfiles

The ultimate administration interface for MapServer.

MapMint is a complete and reliable WYSIWYG editor for MapServer.

Create simple to very advanced MapServer mapfiles visually using the cool tools available in the Maps module.

Configure webmapping applications

Web and web mobile applications

MapMint lets you configure and publish webmapping applications built on top of OpenLayers.

Select templates, map appearance and functionalities using the Apps module.

Publish and share your maps

Modern geoportals and fast web maps

The MapMint public interface gathers webmapping applications published by users.

Customize your geoportal and easily share your best maps on the Internet.

Dedicated Mobile Client


Native Mobile Application for Monitoring and Evaluation

The MapMint4ME allows you to record data on the field with or without internet connection.

Upload and visualize your data back on the MapMint server.

Fast and easy webmapping.

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