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The best of open source geospatial.


A reliable C core driven by a collection of WPS services written in Python.


The Open WPS Platform is the cornerstone of MapMint. Its advanced WPS engine orchestrates our innovative 100% service-oriented architecture. Every functionnality is made available by a WPS service, which often interacts with WMS and WFS.


The famous and fastest WMS/WFS Server is included and extended into MapMint. Every single mapfile parameters is supported, and MapMint will write them for you at the speed of light. Don't loose time to code maps, just create them brightly.


The open source geospatial Swiss Army Knife is massively used into MapMint and allows to support numerous GIS formats. The GDAL and OGR utilities are made available with simple tools and forms and executed through WPS requests.


Started in server mode, the Free Office Suite is used to export maps and reports (maps, graphs, tables...) as Open Documents and PDF. Learn more about the advanced functionnalities provided by our innovative PaperMint python API.


Modern user experiences and interfaces built with Bootstrap, HTML5 and CSS3.


The popular Javascript Webmapping Library is the foundation of every mapping interfaces into MapMint. Tightly coupled with Jquery, it provides fast and advanced functionnalities as well as modern cartographic experiences.

Bootstrap and Jquery

The famous Write Less Do More Javascript library automates and animates the MapMint user interfaces and experiences, in both the admin and the user sides. By the way, most of our ajax() calls are requesting other WPS, WFS and WMS services.


HTML5 may be the Future of the Web, but it is already Present for MapMint. All our webmapping applications are made out of modern and responsive markup. Take full advantage of HTML5 power for every map you will create.


MapMint allows to create beautiful maps. Our CSS and CSS3 technics make them even more good looking, through customized layouts including awesome colors, gradients, fonts and more. Every UI can easily be adapted to your look and feel.

MapMint is compliant to Open Standards

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